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Product name: Robot ADTECH SA1800

Wrist load: 8 kg

Maximum working radius: 1818 mm

Product Info.

SA series robot is compact, small volume, light weight, appearance is special arc welding robot. It can realize the stable welding, obtain high precision welding path, shorten the welding cycle, and extend the life of the pipe and cable. At the same time SA series welding robot can flexible welding operations within the narrow space, can easily choose above ground installation, mounting, inversion.

Large working space

Light weight
High running speed
High position repeat accuracy
Good welding reliability

 Principal Data



 Working Space


Arc welding, cutting

1.Stabilize and improve the welding quality, ensure its homogeneity

2. Improve productivity, continuous production can be 24 hours a day;

3. Improve the worker labor conditions, can be long-term work in a hazardous environment;

4. Lower demand for workers operating technology;

5. Shorten the cycle of product modification and upgrading, to reduce the corresponding investment of equipment;

6. Can realize batch product welding automation;

7. Save floor space;

 Materials handling, palletizing

1. More flexibility, more stable performance, lower power consumption.

2. Has high-speed performance maximized throughput;

3. The long working time;

4. Fixed automation;

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